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“So Jacob went near to Isaac his father, and he felt him and said, ‘The voice is Jacob’s voice, but the hands are the hands of Esau’” (Genesis 27:22 NKJV). 

Twin Brothers Esau and Jacob were their fathers and mothers favorite. Each desired to bestow great blessings on the life of their favorite child.  Isaac their father wanted to give his last blessing to his favorite who was Esau, who was actually the firstborn; so he receiving them blessing from his father was not out of the ordinary.  However, Rebecca their mother hand a different take on things and desired the blessing to be the cast upon of her favorite, Jacob. So, she conjured up a scheme with her son Jacob to deceive Isaac so that Jacob would get the blessing. Now, one half of the plan was that Jacob would use goatskin to cover some parts of his body so that his father who was blind would believe that Jacob was indeed Esau who was a hairy man. In the course of their plan, Isaac realized that the voice of the person that had come for his blessing was that of Jacob, but the artificial hair tricked him to believe that the hands of the person were those of Esau. Many people today still using the tools of deception,  the voice say one think but their heart feels a totally different way, deceiving people to have their way. It is interesting to see that many people even try to use it with God and our Lord Jesus Christ; to get blessings! However, clearly the Word of God  says, "Do not be deceived, God is not mocked...” (Galatians 6:7 NKJV). He is omniscient! 

The Jews, especially the Pharisees and teachers of the law, in Jesus' time on earth, and many people today,  try to use religiosity to deceive other people and God. However,, Jesus Christ has this to say about them: “Well did Isaiah prophesy of you hypocrites, as it is written: ‘This people honors Me with their lips, But their heart is far from Me. And in vain they worship Me, sin vain meaning without a true and focused heart of Worship. Just vain babbling; earthly nonsense with no spiritual progress.  Teaching the doctrines and the commandments of men.’ For laying aside the commandment of God, you hold the tradition of men—the washing of pitchers and cups, and many other such things you do” (Mark 7:6-8 NKJV). God is speaking of faithful religious acts without relationship with Him. People look the part, sound the part; but really so not have a heart for God.  How can we know such, well it’s by their true reactions of the heart. If everything they say and do points back to them or gives them the glory and recognition, well we had better know God’s not getting the Glory due into his name, and he’s a jealous God.  Mere words of a mans mouth does reveal his heart, his actions does. Show me a persons actions and it will reveal the heart.

How would God describe your hands? Are they the “hands of Esau” stretched out to deceive people? Are you trying to do that with God? Are you a hypocrite? Proverbs 21:2; A person may think their own ways are right, but the LORD weighs the heart. No one will ever be able to deceive God. " And whatever a person sows, that will they also reap. Whoever sows to his flesh will of the flesh reap corruption unto themselves, but he who sows to the Spirit will of the Spirit shall they reap everlasting life" (Galatians 6:7-8 NKJV).

Gracefully His Servant,

 Dr Teresa McClendon

Memra School of Ministry

Prayer Point: Pray that you will never live a life of deception, but walk in honesty and truth. That you will not except your energy nor efforts to live a life deceiving anyone for any reason; not even God ; in Jesus Name, Amen!

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