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Memra School of Ministry is a Training Ground established for the “equipping the Body of Christ to rightly divine the Word of God for success. the work of the ministry (Ephesians 4:12)”.
Prepare yourself to learn about (Memra) “ The Creative Mind of God. The Word of God is the Mind and Heart of God; and He wants to reveal it to you.

The role of the Teachers here at Memra is to assist ministers and those called to labor in the church, preparing Ministers and leaders for service in their own church and community. We believe in fulfilling The Great Commission: to teach all nations as in: (Matthew 18).

We were founded for the purpose of developing and making available a dynamic educational and training system functioning in The Spirit of Excellence meeting the needs of individual churches and ministries.

All classes are led by local leaders who will assist you with four-year curriculum consisting of over one hundred courses to train men and women for effective service while receiving professional mentorship. With weekly and monthly classes as well as, mentor programs, online and offline assistance.

Memra School of Ministry makes it possible for Christian leaders and workers to fulfill their goals of receiving the education needed without leaving their community, family, job, or local church! This can be accomplished right from our facility under the tutelage of teachers as you work with your leadership. We are here for laboring lay-members and leaders who are ready for a strong foundation for their spiritual development.

No longer does the local church need to send its workers and leaders off to a faraway academic institution that does not build on the foundation learned in practical ministry; Memra School of Ministry teach only the Creative Mind of the Creator.

Finally, Memra School of Ministry, with teachers anointed by God to teach:
Dr. Michael McClendon,
Dr. Teresa Kasey-McClendon, are so grateful you’ve decided to join us.

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Memra School of Ministry

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Boynton Beach, Florida 33436


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